Faithful Innovation

George Bunn, Coach Deacon Dawnlynn Greeley, Belva Williams,  and Julie Schoephoerster.

Members of Trinity's Faithful Innovation Team are George Bunn, Coach Dawnlynn Greeney, Belva Williams,

and Julie Schoephoerster. Not Picture: Eugenia Paulus

What is Faithful Innovation?

Faithful Innovation is a process that invites participants to engage in simple spiritual practices and small experiments to develop deeper relationships with God, fellow faith community members, and their neighbors. In times of crisis, crossroads, or "stuck-ness," these practices will give you and your faith community the muscle memory to know what to do when you don't know what to do. Rather than focusing inward on deficits, this process invites you to focus outward, to where God is already at work in the world around you! New life doesn't come from a rehashed budget or yet another program, but from seeing where God is already bringing new life into our midst and joining up with that work.

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