We accept pledges using the Venmo mobile application. Venmo is a payment app available on iPhones and Android phones that allows for quick and easy exchange of money directly between individuals or merchants. Venmo is often referred to as Mobile Money. Owned by PayPal, Venmo is accepted as a form of payment by approximately two million online and brick-and-mortar merchants.

After installing the app on your mobile phone, then linking the Venmo account to your Debit Card of Individual Bank Account, Venmo users can instantly begin exchanging funds among one another with Venmo acting as a intermediary between the users conducting a payment transaction at no cost to either party. To read more about how Venmo works, please see this article, What Is Venmo.

Note: You are not required to use Venmo. You can still mail your contributions or deliver to church personally.

How to Use Venmo

  1. Setup Venmo Account (can be done on phone or on the computer). More information

  2. Download Venmo app onto your phone (works on iPhone or Android phones).

  3. Set up your bank info on your new Venmo account (can be done on phone or computer) – you will need debit card number or bank account routing and account number (found on check blank or you can call your bank).

  4. Setup Trinity Episcopal Anoka as a friend in Venmo.

  5. Send funds to “Trinity Episcopal Anoka” (can only be done via the app on your phone). It may take several hours or 1-2 days for funds to be transferred. More information

    • In order to see when the funds actually left your bank account, you must monitor your bank account, not the Venmo app. The date on your bank statement of when the funds left your account may not be the same date as the date you authorized the funds to be sent in Venmo. Contact your bank directly if you have questions.

    • Once you have sent funds to Trinity, you will be notified via the email account you tied to your Venmo account.

    • Venmo is not responsible for lost transfers, as a result, incorrect bank credentials.

  6. View transaction history by logging into the Venmo app (can be done on your phone)

  7. Additional information is available through YouTube tutorial, Venmo Help Desk, or Julie Schoephoerster, Trinity's treasurer at 763-242-0216.